Mom's Group Ministry

This group has been created to help Mom's of St Patrick Catholic community in Kathleen Georgia come together in fellowship and our vocations as mothers. 
We have two designated times we are meeting right now to do a book study together called The 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat.

Friday mornings (with child care provided)  and Thursday evenings (no child care), please join our Facebook group page to view current schedule.
We would like to build this group to also have socials and other activities for Mom's of the parish to have a place for fellowship.

                                                                                                              Even if you cannot currently make it to our book study,                                                                                                                          you can keep connected to the Mom's of our parish through the Facebook group page (for safety, it is a closed page). 
Please feel free to invite any Mom of any age to be part of this group, all are welcome.

St Patrick's Mom's Group Kathleen Georgia